DSI in brief

Main purpose of DSI is "to develop water resources in Turkey" that covers a wide range of interrelated functions. These include irrigation; hydroelectric power generation; domestic and industrial water supplies for large cities; recreation and research on water-related planning, design and construction materials.

The specific responsibilities of DSI can be listed as follows:

  • To make basic investigations (stream flow gauging, soil classification, agricultural economics, geological surveys, water quality analysis, modeling for water structures, etc.),
  • To carry out the survey and planning for river basin development,
    To construct dams and hydroelectric power plants,
  • To build irrigation and drainage systems,
  • To operate all kind of structures against floods,
  • To perform all studies for surveys, investigation, conservation and utilization of ground water,
  • To develop all stages of water supply and water treatment plants for settlements over 100.000 population,   
  • To build or have built auxiliary buildings and installations for operation and administration,
  • To temporarily occupy and/or to expropriate lands and real estates for the execution of above works,
  • To procure, rent and operate materials, tools, spare parts, machinery and permanent equipment,
  • To reclaim swamps,
  •  To improve navigable rivers.
  • To prepare master plan and feasibility report to determine technically and economically optimal solutions of water resources project in the river basins,

TAKK in brief

Technical Research and Quality Control (TAKK) Department was established in 1958 and is mainly responsible for research, development, training and quality control activities in subjects related to DSI to develop water resources in Turkey.

 Research activities about projects aimed at sustainable development of water and land resources are carried out by five laboratories. Quality control tasks are not only realized by laboratories in TAKK but also by 200 quality control laboratories (concrete, soil mechanics, and chemistry) established in regional directorates, field divisions and field sections.

TAKK has been certified the conformity to TS EN ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Management System in 2002, then, accredited as per TS EN ISO IEC 17025 in 2004 by Turkish Accreditation Agency (TÜRKAK) based on particular tests. As current information, 1172 particular tests carried out in DSI laboratories have already been accredited by TÜRKAK.

TAKK is located at a distance of 25 km from Ankara, on the Esenboga Airport Highway and covers an area of 56.6 hm2.

There are approximately 250 personnel (100 of them are technical and administrative personnel, and 150 of them are laborants, technicians, services) in the Department.

The laboratories carry out both routine experimental studies and applied research activities in order to reciprocate demands brought by other state foundations and private sectors in times left after primary duties of DSI jobs.